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Project Management

I dream, explore, create and craft
progressive digital experiences
by Laura

Work & Clients


Laura took over a website redesign project for me that was being led by someone else and all I can say is; “Thank Goodness!” I was getting nowhere fast with the other people working on my site; one step forward but three steps back and then she stepped in to finish off the project.  Things went incredibly smooth after that and she completed my site with little trouble :) If I had another job for her here, I would hire her in a second!

 Tracy Hennigan Bonnyman, Freelance Client, Hepco Heat Exchanger Products

I read someone’s comment about how Laura must have been a cat herder in a another life. I tried her, and she is definitely “all that and a bag of chips!" She turned our agency processes around and I couldn't thank her enough.

David Evans, CEO, Spartan Websites

Laura is detail-oriented, hard-working, and above all, kind, respectful and a pleasure to work with. She always kept me on top of tasks and gave advice for how to be more efficient in my day-to-day work. Her excellent organizational skills and attention to detail made sure nothing slipped through the cracks. Laura is hands down someone you'd want on your team!

Christian Lowery, Teammate at KEO Marketing

I manage interactive digital projects from start to finish 

Your new team



Project Manager & Obsessed Hiker



Mascot & Unverified Support Animal

Image by Filip Zrnzević

Image by Filip Zrnzević

How I Work

I am a freelance project manager available to come into your agency or business as a white label contractor, or with full transparency as an outsourced contractor. This project could be brand new or halfway through and anything from website redesigns to marketing campaigns and everything in between.

There are two options if a team is needed. I will work with your designers, developers, copywriters, SEO team, etc. but I also have my own resources if you need to outsource one or all of these. And I am client-facing if needed as well.  

What I Do

With over 10 years experience in the marketing and website design industry, I have found a love for project management on digital projects. I can come into your agency and help manage various projects, or simply consult as needed. 

I've managed 100's of website projects and marketing campaigns for B2B and B2C businesses and launched over 350 websites. 

If you need an expert in the development, design and marketing industry, you've come to the right person. 

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